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Autumn 1984

Hay Fever

by Nol Coward

Cast In Order Of Appearance

Sorel Bliss Jean Edrich
Simon Bliss Paul Nicol
Clara Patricia James
Judith Bliss Kate Fenemore
David Bliss Jack Hyde
Sandy Tyrell David Foyle
Myra Arundel Lynne Dent
Richard Greatham Keith Phillips
Jackie Coryton Tena Hodson


Produced by Eric Usher
Stage Manager Bob Pugh
Lighting Bob Beattie
Properties Karen Beattie
Set Design Bob Pugh
Keith Phillips
Continuity Kathleen Martin
Artwork Melanie Telford

 The action of the play takes place in the Hall of the Blisses' House at Cookham, during a June weekend.

ACT I Saturday afternoon

ACT II Saturday evening

ACT III Sunday morning

There will be an interval of 20 minutes between Acts I & 11, when refreshments will be on sale in the foyer. There will also be a 3-minute interval between the II & III Acts.


This production would not have been possible without the help and assistance of the following:

Mrs. W. Wheeler, for the loan of the Costumes

bulletElphicks of Huntingdon
bulletMunro of Godmanchester
bulletHambleden Press
bulletFlora Magna
bulletThe Manager and staff, George Hotel
bulletThe Card Gallery, Huntingdon
bulletThe Antique Galleries, Huntingdon


After its conception in 1943, the Club began with two one-act plays in 1944 and its first full-length play in the Town Hall in 1945. The next year saw a move to the Corner Theatre, which has long since given way to a commercial showroom. In 1949 we turned to the George Hall and the 11 years spent there are remembered by many as the heyday of the Club.

In 1960 we made our last move, to the Commemoration Hall, where for the first time we had a permanent stage, dressing-rooms, kitchen facilities and scenery accommodation.

During its 40 years the Club has won numerous awards . for outstanding productions, many of them in the last ten years alone. For each production the Club gives a free preview performance to an invited pensioners' audience.

To new members of the audience we extend a cordial invitation to keep coming, to the small but loyal band of regular supporters we render deepest thanks, you have made it all worthwhile.


The Club has now had three Presidents and could not have been more fortunate in the choice:

bulletthe late Dowager Lady Hemingford
bulletthe late Lord Hemingford
bulletMr. Kenneth Beaton, JP

A word of thanks is also due to Jack Hyde, who was in the very first Club production, and is still acting in our plays now. We are grateful for his loyal support over the years, and hope he continues to be a regular cast member in years to come.

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