Accrington Pals chosen for our Autumn Production!

July, 2014

So the Huntingdon Drama Club committee have accepted my proposal to direct The Accrington Pals for their autumn 2014 production. Suddenly I think – “now I have to really do this”. The ideas I’ve had for this production now have to become solid ideas. I start to wonder if I will be able to find the right people to fill my cast – are the actors out there to play these roles? I have two or three people in mind that I’ve seen in their recent productions that I think may be suitable, but will they be interested? Will they be available? Can they do the Lancashire accent?!

I re-read the play with the restrictions and possibilities of the venue in mind. I have strong images and visions for the play but now it becomes a case of actually realising them. The music I have in mind for the beginning of the play is on repeat on my iPod in the car. I picture the rain on the Accrington street, the market stall and the opening scene between Tom & May. Voices other than those in my own head reading those lines.

I’ve always thought of directing a play like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Start with the corner pieces and build into the middle. Time to audition. Time to plan…

Guest Blogger: Dean Laccohee (Director)