Rehearsals get under way for Accrington Pals

September, 2014

Acting is an active activity. That’s three uses of the word ‘act’ in one sentence. Which i suppose explains what I’m trying to say. You have to ‘do it’ to make it happen. And that was the basis of my notes for tonight’s rehearsal. You have to make it happen. There is no black magic or dark art that will make your performance become more realised. If you want to appear more scared, more aggressive, happier, sadder, wherever – you have to make it happen. Acting is action. Every scene has an action, every moment. What do you, as a character, want to achieve from this or that scene? My acting teacher advised us to ask ourselves three questions before taking to the stage – who am I, where am I and what am I doing? Answer those three questions and you’ll feel better prepared to take those scary steps onto the stage. Because a character in a play is always doing something to drive the action forward – look at your script (because that’s all you have) and ask yourself “why am I in this scene?”

Guest Blogger: Dean Laccohee (Director)

Accrington Pals chosen for our Autumn Production!

July, 2014

So the Huntingdon Drama Club committee have accepted my proposal to direct The Accrington Pals for their autumn 2014 production. Suddenly I think – “now I have to really do this”. The ideas I’ve had for this production now have to become solid ideas. I start to wonder if I will be able to find the right people to fill my cast – are the actors out there to play these roles? I have two or three people in mind that I’ve seen in their recent productions that I think may be suitable, but will they be interested? Will they be available? Can they do the Lancashire accent?!

I re-read the play with the restrictions and possibilities of the venue in mind. I have strong images and visions for the play but now it becomes a case of actually realising them. The music I have in mind for the beginning of the play is on repeat on my iPod in the car. I picture the rain on the Accrington street, the market stall and the opening scene between Tom & May. Voices other than those in my own head reading those lines.

I’ve always thought of directing a play like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Start with the corner pieces and build into the middle. Time to audition. Time to plan…

Guest Blogger: Dean Laccohee (Director)