What’s On

Our first production of 2022 will be Five Farces by Anton Chekhov at The Commemoration Hall from May 12 to 14. Auditions are open to all – both old and new members. The auditions will be run by the five directors and scripts will be available on the night. The audition process is informal and designed to be fun & welcoming so if you’ve been away from the the stage for a while or making your first tentative steps then come along and join us! There are 18 roles to be cast with a vast playing age range of 20 to 80 years old. You only need to attend one audition session but you are more than welcome to join us at both.

The Proposal

(MADAME) CHUBUKOV: Mother (or Father) to Natasha, rather deaf, and keen on the possible marriage between her/his daughter and Lomov. Male or female, age 40 – 80
LOMOV: A complete hypochondriac, who wants to get married and Natasha lives next door and will inherit the Chubukov estate, so… Male, age 30 – 50
NATASHA: Daughter to Chubukov, strong-willed, but thinking it might be time she found a husband. Female, age 20 – 40

The Anniversary

CHIPUCHKIN: Male, late 40s to early 60s, chairman of the bank - pompous windbag, all about appearances
TATIANA: Female, 20 - 40, Chipuchkin's wife - motormouth, shallow
KHIRIN: Male, late 20s-early 40s, bank clerk - exasperated, indignant, anti-social
MRS MERCHUTKIN: Female, at least 40s, bank customer - forthright, determined but misguided (could be doubled if needed)
FIRST SHAREHOLDER: Smaller part, good to double, written for male, any age - nervous, overawed
SECOND SHAREHOLDER: Smaller part, good to double, written for female, any age - probably only sane person in this farce, direct

The Bear

ELENA POPOVA: Female, grieving widow, 30-50
SMIRNOV: Male, a loutish landowner, 30-50
LILIYA: Popova's Maid, any age

The Night Before The Trial

GUSEV: A man in his 40s-60s. A circuit judge anxious about his young wife's health
ZINA: A woman in her 20s-30s. Wife of Gusev, given to bouts of hypochondria
ZAYTSEV: A man who could be any age from 20-50. A cheap conman who is desperately running out of road
MISHKA: A small part, best doubled with something else. Could be male or female, any age. Owner of a disgusting boarding house.

Swan Song

ACTOR: Male, 50-70s
PROMPT: Female, 40-60s

Shakespeare at The George 2022

Classical theatre returns to Huntingdon once again this summer with Shakespeare at The George’s production of Romeo & Juliet. June 21 to July 2 at The George Hotel, Huntingdon.