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The Crucible  21 – 25 November 2017 

Crucible poster
Rae Goodwin will direct Arthur Miller’s classic American drama The Crucible, which will be staged ‘in the round’ in the court room of Huntingdon Town Hall. Written in 1953, Miller took the Salem witch trials of 1692 as an allegory for the prosecution of alleged Communists that took place in the USA during the 1950s.

To get an idea of how the seating is arranged in the court room before booking your tickets, take a look at these pictures of the cast visiting the venue 

The Cast

Betty Parris – Esme Johnson
Susanna Walcott – Louise West
Abigail Williams – Georgina Bickerdike
Mary Warren – Emma Ward
Mercy Lewis – Bronte Beckett
Elizabeth Proctor – Hayley Kendall
John Proctor – Carl Perkins
Reverend Hale – Dean Laccohee
Reverend Parris – James Barwise
Thomas Putnam – Guy Marshall
Ann Putnam – Sharon Reed
Giles Corey – Les Roberts
Dep. Gov. Danforth – Sandra Birnie
Judge Hathorne – Josephine Hussey
Marshal Herrick – Edd Welsh
Ezekiel Cheever – Vicky Spurway
Rebecca Nurse / Sarah Good – Paula Spalding
Tituba / Martha Corey (v/o) – Francesca Maddocks
Francis Nurse – Phil Leverett

The Crew 

Director – Rae Goodwin
Producer – Matt Callen
Creative Consultant – Sarah Cornforth
Stage Manager – Lola Harling
Props – Wendy Chappell
Rehearsal Prompt – Michelle Gibson
Costume – TBC
Lighting – TBC
Sound – TBC

The Thrill of Love – Spring 2018

Sandra Birnie will direct our Spring 2018 production The Thrill of Love by Amanda Whittington. The play deals with the events leading up to the trial of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

Auditions will take place on Monday December 4 & Thursday December 7. See our Auditions page for full details.