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Autumn 2005

'From Mafeking to the Millennium'

A chronological history of the 20th century, covering local, national and international events and social history, and including excerpts from plays and novels, poems, jokes, advertising slogans, songs and dances. It's been compiled (and is currently being revised) by Ann Monk and Michael Black, who'll produce and direct between them.

The play excerpts will depend on who's interested in taking part: their plan at the moment is to use parts of Noel Coward's 'The Vortex', Terence Rattigan's 'The Browning Version', John Osborne's 'Look Back in Anger' and Alan Ayckbourn's 'A Chorus of Disapproval'.

'From Mafeking to the Millennium'

Infotainment's the name of the game

'From Mafeking to the Millennium' combines a potted history of the 20th century with entertaining excerpts from 'Hay fever', 'ITMA', 'Look back in anger', 'Chorus of disapproval' and Victoria Wood's 'Pat and Margaret'. Not to mention pieces by Joyce Grenfell and Pam Ayres, and some of the best songs of the century.

Mafeking Quiz

1. Where was the local airfield in 1910?

2. How did the sinking of the Titanic affect Huntingdon?

3. Why was a local First World War bomb victim eaten?

4. What's the connection between the statue in the Market Square and Scott of the Antarctic?

5. How much did a new Ford cost in 1936?

6. When two evacuees tried to cycle home from Huntingdon to East London, how far did they get?

7. What could you buy on the black market for two rabbits and an egg in 1944?

8. What's the present name of the Huntingdon Literary and Scientific Institute?

9. Where's Constipation Street, Huntingdon?

10. How much did two black market tickets for the 1966 World Cup final cost?

You could have found out the answers - and enjoyed the plays, songs and poems - by coming to 'From Mafeking to the Millennium: Huntingdon and the world in the 20th century'.

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